We're often asked where the UDOG name comes from. It’s simple, UDOG stands for Underdog.

Underdog noun /ˈʌndədɒɡ/

An individual (or group) in a competition, usually of a sporting nature, who is popularly expected to lose. Where an underdog wins, the outcome is invariably an upset. An "underdog bet" is a wager on the underdog or outsider for which the odds are generally higher.


The word Underdog comes from the language of dogfights in the late 19th century. In such fights, two dogs attacked each other, and the loser was declared the underdog

In modern culture, underdogs are highly regarded. References to the underdog hark back to Judeo-Christian stories, such as that of David and Goliath, but also ancient British legends like Robin Hood and King Arthur. Across the Atlantic, it reflects the ideal behind the American dream, in which misfortune and adversity can be overcome by true grit, determination and honest work.

Underdogs are valued most valorized in sporting culture. The concept of unlikely heroism is so well establish that even when teams are evenly matched, spectators and commentators alike are drawn to establishing one side as the underdog.

The underdog seeks to prove that, with a drive to succeed and hard work, anyone can achieve their goals. Whether you're looking to take the next step, or just a few steps away from winning the Tour de France, know that your challenge, your way, is important - just like the underdog.

Cycling is our passion. Cycling is a way of life, a pure lifestyle. UDOG is a club for those who embrace this. It is for those who search for something new, it is unique, inclusive and, above all, for the underdog.

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